A Technical Information Quest…

October 25, 2009

Sarah Maddox over at Atlassian recently posted on the ffeathers blog about her experiences documenting the most innovative information deliverable I’ve ever heard of…  Here Be Dragons.

Not satisfied to simply acknowledge the complexity of integrating their products, the crew at Atlassian instead chose to humorize the process and appeal to the game geek hidden in all of us.  Oh, don’t misunderstand – this is true technical writing at its fire-breathing heart, but incorporating Twitter and a quest into following the documents melted the skin off the old “RTFM” argument.  I took a look through the Twitter posts and was astounded by the number of successful integrators – oh, pardon me – I meant to say, ‘dragon slayers’. (There were hardly any problems posted.) 

I love the humor with which this enterprising group of people approached a challenging technical problem. I’m inspired to inject a bit of fun into my own projects.



  1. Hallo Patty,

    Thank you for such glowing words! It was great writing the Dragons docs. It demanded a lot of attention to detail, as well as thinking outside the box and just plain having fun. I also had the chance to work with our Design team, who created the images and colour scheme. Awesome! I love your phrase “true technical writing at its fire-breathing heart”. Exactly right.

    I see that “Write Trends” is a new blog. Good choice of name! I’ve subscribed to it now too. Are you on Twitter? I tweeted a link to your blog earlier today: http://twitter.com/sarahmaddox/statuses/5371163894


    • Hi, Sarah,

      Thanks! I’m not yet on Twitter. Still learning the ropes, as you can see by how long it took me to reply to your post. I’m finding my way and wanted to thank you again for the time you spent advising me on wikis.

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