YouTube Needs to Get with the Program

November 24, 2009

In my efforts to think outside the book, I’ve been working on a project that, for the first time, will deliver more than just the PDF user manual. We’ll be delivering HTML topics that include links to video instructions posted on YouTube.

As we prepare for beta, the interface is changing, user tasks are changing and the technical instruction is changing. The only that can’t change is YouTube.  The videos I’ve already posted cannot be refreshed or replaced with modified content. My only course is to delete the old and post a new.

Sound crazy?

We’re not alone. A quick forage through the YouTube forums shows dozens and dozens of similar pleas, but no word on whether YouTube plans to address this shortcoming.

So, to my laundry list of things that change, I must now remember to embed new links to the new videos whenever I delete an out-dated one.

Tell me how you’re using YouTube in your documentation projects.


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