To the Help/Doc 2.0 Future… and Beyond!

April 27, 2011

Scott Abel, known as The Content Wrangler in technical communication circles, published a fantastic piece in April’s Intercom called The Future of Technical Communication is Socially Enabled: Understanding the Help 2.0 Revolution. I read the article, nodding in violent agreement at each point Scott made. Last month, I presented a similar vision to my colleagues except I called mine Doc 2.0. Surprisingly, the feedback I received from that event is trending toward push-back rather than acceptance. ā€œIā€™m busy just writing the content. How will I find the time to learn new technologies, deliver content in new formats, or keep up with all that tweeting?ā€

Scott promises to address the skills we’ll all need to succeed in a Help 2.0 socially enabled world in a later issue of Intercom. But I wonder if we can give him some first-hand accounts now – what are YOU doing to stay on top of this emerging trend? Do you agree with us – is a socially enabled Help site the future of tech comm? How do you change the minds of those who (still) think PDFs are just fine?


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