About Me

I’m a professional technical writer and certified instructional designer with ten years of IT experience. I’ve written hardware and software manuals, designed and delivered courseware, and managed writers and graphic artists. I am currently employed with CA, Inc., a Long Island-based software manufacturer previously known as Computer Associates. During my technical communication career, I’ve worked with all the popular tools – word processors, long document publishers, single-source authoring and help systems. Today, I’m exploring the rise of social technologies and looking for ways to apply them to my work. And a blog was born.

In my spare time, I’ve been trying my hand at fiction.  I’ve penned five novels to date that – sadly – are unpublished. Undeterred and still hopeful, I am at work on a sixth.

Contact me at pattyblount3 at gmail dot com.



  1. I wish you to become a famous fiction writer! Thanks for the interest to my started blog!
    You have a very informative and useful blog, I am sorry I have not seen it before, it is worth reading.
    I’ve added a link on my blog 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Hi Patty,

    Just found out about your blog today, and you have lots of great information here! Given that your blog is in WordPress, could you please make the RSS feed for it available? I’d love to use RSS to track your blog and occasionally post links to its articles on the STC Southern California (@STCSoCal) Twitter feed for the STC San Diego and Orange County chapters.

    Thank you!

    All the best,

    • Thank you so much, Lance. The RSS Feed should be visible now on the right.

  3. You got a nice blog. I wonder why 5 of your novels are unppublished so far. What stops you from publlishing these and share with your fans and friends? I am looking forward to one such copy!


  4. Thanks for your comment, Vinish. I suppose what stops me from publishing my novels is that I haven’t yet found the right mix of talent plus timing. Lots of people tell me I write well, but so far, agents keep passing.

    Some day, I hope to see a novel I’ve written on the shelves of my local bookstore. Until then, I study this craft at every opportunity, looking for ways to improve my talent and hopefully, win the interest of an agent.

  5. Hi Patty,

    I am new to technical writing. Ive spent my 7 years of career in technical support services, the last one being Genpact.

    I would like to know how to write a Scenario based content, although the question is very generic in nature, I still need to know a lot of things before I start. Any inputs would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Hi, Roma,

    Think of a scenario as a completed puzzle that’s made up of pieces. Your job as the writer is to identify what pieces are needed to solve a particular business problem. The pieces are the various software tasks like “Create a Security Certificate” or “Configure the XML File” and so on. (This assumes you’re documenting software.)

    This goes beyond task analysis in that it requires you truly understand how your customers are using the software you document. If you’re documenting some other product, the basic principles are the same.

    Avoid things like “Use the XYZ Feature” — and instead, try to identify the specific problems your product solves. Take a smartphone for example. You can make calls. You can access the web, check email, even use it as GPS. Each one of these ‘solutions’ may involve a series of tasks. Tasks comprise the scenario as puzzle pieces comprise the finished puzzle.

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