Tech Writing Projects

Technical Writing Work Samples

The following list links to samples when possible. RVSI, Inc. is no longer in business. Symbol Technologies, Inc. has been acquired by Motorola. I am currently employed by CA, Inc., so some samples cannot be posted due to content sensitivity issues.

  • CA ARCserve Video Instructions
  • Business Continuity Survival Guide (SurvivalGuide_final – look for the latest version of this Guide on the public website)
  • CA ARCserve Replication and High Availability for Windows Administration Guide
  • CA ARCserve Replication and High Availability for BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
  • CA ARCserve Replication and High Availability for Virtualized Server Environments
  • CA ARCserve Backup Readme
  • CA ARCserve Backup Deduplication (Dedupe sample)
  • CA ARCserve Backup Infrastructure Visualization (Visualization Sample)
  • RVSI LS-5700 Operations and Maintenance
  • RVSI LS-7700 Operations and Maintenance
  • RVSI Enhanced Inverter Installation
  • RVSI Detaper Installation
  • RVSI Partial Ball Detection (16_PartBall)
  • RVSI WS-1000
  • RVSI Using Visionscape (PVI course material)


  • CA eTrust Access Control for UNIX Administrators
  • CA Unicenter AutoSys Job Management Core Components (This course was developed in 2003. Autosys Training
  • SAP Quotes
  • SAP Billing
  • SAP Distribution
  • SAP Materials Management

Miscellaneous Projects



  1. Hi,

    Can you send a copy of the LS5700 operation and maintainance manual to me. thanks.

    • Hi, Alex, I don’t know if I have it but will check when I return home this evening.

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