Welcome to Write Trends

Welcome to Write Trends, a blog where technical communicators can discuss the industry’s future without losing sight of our mission… to explain how to use stuff.

For decades, technical communicators have been writing the answers from How do I crank the starter on my Model T to How do I make sure O-rings on the shuttle don’t freeze, and countless questions in between. Over those decades, the products have changed, the tools we use to develop and publish information have changed, even the processes in which we collaborate have changed. Yet at its core, technical communication still has the same raison d’état – to simplify operation of some thing – whether it’s the Model T crank starter or the Space Shuttle, an iPod or a computer program, whether we use printed books, books-on-DVD, or YouTube videos, we’re still answering How Do I questions.

Though everything from what, where, when and how we write will continue to evolve, we shouldn’t forget why we write. This blog will focus on industry trends and emerging technologies that continue to shape our profession while keeping the focus on why.


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